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Litigation and arbitration

Key words�

Litigation and arbitration have always been the focus of the firm's business areas. Along with the expansion of the client's needs, the litigation and arbitration team also provided more traditional litigation and arbitration services to customers in the early stage, and developed to provide customers with comprehensive coverage including the company's internal compliance investigation and difficult and complicated cases. Sexual dispute resolution services.


Our lawsuit and arbitration team members have graduated from top law schools at home and abroad, and have rich experience in courts, arbitration committees and other adjudicating bodies, and are able to provide clients with cross-jurisdictional, multi-language and industry-wide quality in dispute resolution. Services, many lawyers of the firm were hired as arbitrators everywhere.


Core business area


· Litigation business, including the participation of clients in various domestic and foreign civil and commercial matters, intellectual property rights, maritime maritime business cases, administrative litigation cases, and criminal and criminal incidental civil lawsuits involving corporate clients;


· Arbitration business, including the participation of clients in various domestic arbitrations, foreign-related arbitrations, international arbitrations, and the recognition and enforcement of overseas awards in China;


· In-house investigations, including internal investigations by clients, on internal investigations into whether the client's staff is suspected of infringing the company's legal rights, criminal infringement, violation of the company's management system, etc.


· Bankruptcy, including the initiation or participation of an agent in bankruptcy proceedings, participation in the formulation, implementation and enforcement of bankruptcy and reorganization plans, participation in bankruptcy-related litigation, and acceptance of court designation as bankruptcy administrator.


Comprehensive dispute resolution service


Relying on the firm's commercial law service chain, the dispute resolution team can provide customers with a full range of dispute resolution services. In the field of litigation and arbitration of corporate control / equity, project investment and financing, international trade, intellectual property, product liability and other disputes, the firm's dispute resolution team provides both constructive and operational dispute prevention programs, as well as case-specific responses. Strategy and litigation/arbitration solutions. For cases entering formal legal proceedings, the agent clients participate in the whole process of litigation/arbitration procedures including pre-litigation investigation, application for evidence/property preservation measures, filing of litigation/arbitration procedures, and application for enforcement.