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Thirty years of celebration

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Founded in 1988 in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia, Beijing Wang Yumei Law Firm is the first batch of cooperative law firms in China. In response to the call for reform of the lawyers' system in the Ministry of Justice, we established the first cooperative law firm on the Hulun Buir grassland. We have grown up from a small side town in Yakeshi, shouldering the heavy responsibility of reforming experimental sites, and have spent the hard time on the ground. Period: the trek in the snow-capped mountains, the pursuit of the forest, the swaying of the Lele car on the grassland, the figure of the strokes of the Xing'an Mountains, the gaze of the stars along the Hailar River... With the hard work and labor, the protection of the lawyers in the remote areas is protected. Test field. With the help of all walks of life, with the trust of our customers and the joint efforts of our colleagues, we shoulder the dual mission of reform and legal services. As the vanguard of the reform of the Chinese lawyer system, we will start from scratch, be brave and brave, and write Chinese with full enthusiasm. A new chapter in the reform of the lawyer system and the service of Chinese lawyers!

On December 20, 1998, the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Wang Yumei Law Firm, the ten years of Hulunbeier, was a decade of entrepreneurship and a decade of accumulation. There are hardships, hard work, and gains. After ten years of struggle, our efforts to “test” have been affirmed by leaders at all levels. In the past ten years, we have won 12 awards including Yakeshi City, Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Judicial Administrative Organs and Lawyers Association. We also received the “National Advanced Cooperative Law Firm” from the Ministry of Justice. Minister Cai Cheng, Deputy Minister Zhang Geng, Director Li Bida, Director Shen Bailu, Deputy Director Du Guoxing, Vice President of the National Lawyers Wang Huaran, and Secretary General Yang Jinguo successively visited our institute to inspect and guide the work, affirming us. The contribution to the reform of the lawyer system has thus strengthened the confidence and direction of the reform of the lawyer system, so that the reform of lawyers continues to advance in the country. If we say that the development and leap of our institute is worth celebrating, then it is more worthy of pride and gratification that we have the honour to become a paving stone for the reform of our lawyer system. The prosperity of our lawyers industry today has the value of our dedication.

We always develop the future with a developmental perspective and thrive in time. From the cooperative system to the partnership system, the reforms were pushed deeper and carefully guarded, and the timing of enterprise restructuring was seized and grown. After ten years of hard work and ten years of harvest, we have trained our team, summed up our experience, and with the expectations of our hometown people, with the leadership of all levels of leaders and lawyers, moved the office to Beijing in 1999, and we are confident in the capital. Started the journey of the second venture. In the capital of talented people and excellent offices, we once again started from scratch, bit by bit, and do our best to do every case and every legal service. During the past ten years, we have also experienced the difficulties that every foreign country has to come to Beijing. However, we are not in a hurry, we must pay close attention to the special period when the source of the case is still small, and learn from the capital colleagues. From the services of the old-age care institutions, the rights of the migrant workers and the disabled, the consultations of the institutions in Inner Mongolia, and the petition services during the two sessions, we will do everything, and we will not only be a job opportunity. More is the great trust and encouragement the capital gives us!

It is also the hard work of the Spring and Autumn Period. Although there is no hardship in Linhai Xueyuan, there are also adventures in the market of the commercial tide. Although there is no difficulty in long journeys, there are also sky-and-drain trucks... Finally, we are based in Beijing. A new journey began. In the past two decades, we have had a blueprint, and we have planted seeds on this blueprint, which exudes vitality. In 2002 and 2003, we established the Shanghai and Guangdong branches to complete the third decade of planning ahead of schedule. In order to gradually complete the ten-year plan of building our “100-year-old” law firm, we use 100 times of confidence and effort to serve in trust and grow in service. This process of standing and growing is always available. Guidance, help, encouragement and support from all walks of life. It is with their support and encouragement that we can continue to make progress and gain recognition from the capital industry and society. In 2003, Wang Yumei Law Firm was awarded the title of “National Advanced Unit for Respecting the Elderly and Respecting the Aged” by the China Senior Legal Aid Center; in 2004, it was awarded “Beijing Excellent Law Firm”; in 2005, it was rated as “Beijing Excellent” Law Firm", "Beijing Advanced Legal Service Unit"; in 2006, it was awarded the honorary title of "Beijing Legal Service Advanced Collective" and "Haidian District Political and Legal Letters and Visits Advanced Collective"; in 2007, it was named "Advanced Group of Legal Aid Work" "; 2005, 2006, 2007 was named "Outstanding Law Firm of Haidian District" for three consecutive years; many lawyers of our institute were awarded the title of outstanding lawyer, advanced legal aid advanced individual and advanced legal person by Haidian District Judicial Bureau; Wang Yumei The director was also elected as the representative and director of the Seventh Beijing Lawyers Association, a member of the Industry Disciplinary Committee, a member of the Women's Lawyers Committee, and the deputy director of the Government Legal Adviser Professional Committee. He was also appointed as a member of the Haidian District Women's Judicial Workers Association and the Shijingshan Community Community Service Station. Honorary webmaster, consultant of Beijing Fifth Welfare Institute, legislative advisor of Beijing Municipal People's Congress, Haidian District 11th Five-Year Planning consultants;

In 2008, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the institute, Beijing Wang Yumei Law Firm was awarded the honorary title of “Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Games Service Guarantee Work Advanced Collective”, and Director Wang Yumei was awarded the “Haidian District Olympic Service Guarantee Work”. "Advanced Individual" honorary title; the achievement of these achievements is inseparable from the diligence and hard work of the colleagues within the company, can not be separated from the command and coordination of the management of the firm, can not be separated from the trust and support of our customers, but also inseparable from all walks of life, related Leadership care and help. Twenty years of years like a song, 20 years of fruitful results, with the honor and glory of the past, we will be ready to go, open a new journey.