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Founded in 1988, Beijing Wang Yumei Law Firm has experienced the baptism of the Chinese legal services market for nearly 20 years and has grown into one of China's leading large-scale comprehensive partnership law firms. In 1991, the Institute was awarded the “National Advanced Cooperative Law Firm” by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China. It was the only central China-level large-scale political and legal comprehensive daily newspaper issued in China, “The First China 2002” sponsored by the Legal Daily. On the brilliant display list of law firms, the firm has won the top spot among many domestic and foreign law firms with its comprehensive advantages.

In response to the needs of the socio-economic development of the Yangtze River Delta region, especially the functional positioning requirements of the Shanghai city, the firm established the Shanghai office in 2003 to further expand the Beijing headquarters and Guangdong province. Inner Mongolia Branch and domestic and foreign branches have superior resources, improve service network, ensure high-quality, efficient and fast legal service standards, thereby exerting professional advantages and social efficiency to promote the rapid and stable development of the “Yangtze River Delta”. Through an in-depth study of the characteristics of the Shanghai legal services market, the Shanghai office quickly established its own unique style and service model, and achieved remarkable social and economic benefits.

Wang Yumei Shanghai Branch has a high-quality team of full-time lawyers. Our lawyers are from famous law schools and law firms at home and abroad. The main lawyers also have experience in studying and practicing in the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries. Bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctoral degree in law, with a diversified professional background in law and administrative work at famous domestic and foreign law firms or other legal institutions, well-known companies, first-class institutions of higher learning and high-level government departments. Since its establishment, Shanghai Branch has fully utilized its comparative advantages and rich experience in the company's listing and securities business, corporate and corporate legal affairs, banking and finance business, real estate investment and real estate business, and intellectual property business, and has effectively promoted its business. Development and team building.



From the beginning to the end, we adhere to the principle that “Customer's success is our greatest value” and use it as our lawyer's practice service standard. We pay attention to and have the ability to fully understand the needs of our customers in various contexts, and provide our customers with professionalism and quality. Efficient legal services.